Blemished Copy of Saving The World #5
Blemished Copy of Saving The World #5
Blemished Copy of Saving The World #5
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Blemished Copy of Saving The World #5

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Blemished copy of Saving the World #5

If you like saving money and don't mind reading a book with bent corners then this is the deal for you!

STW #5 is jammed packed with new adventures!  Three, count'em three new stories! Our main event follows Kierra and Alice on their way to their local comic book shop, but as you might imagine, things go sideways real fast when they encounter the diabolical Araknis! He's like a insect in human form, that claims to be a spider...but is clearly a insect. He get's an D- in biology, but an A+ is being a jerk.

Next up is Lilly and Wepwawet: Day Zero.  Our fan favorite, time traveling explorers return with a trip back to where it all began....if that's even possible. Before Lilly ever met Wepwawet she worked as a bank teller trying to move up that latter of success, however, as is Lilly's destiny, nothing is ever straight forward, or even remotely linear.

Lastly I introduce the high flying adventures of Hobo-Girl! She's a little mad, dines on catfood, and fights crime without a moments hesitation. Okay...this sounds dumb, but trust me, it's great! :P

Written and Illustrated by Tonicmole

Cover by Illustrator Monk

 32 B/W interior pages 

Saddle Stitched

Notes: Arakniss and Hobo-Girl First Appearance

First Printing -Blemished