Saving The World #5 Ernie Variant
Saving The World #5 Ernie Variant
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Saving The World #5 Ernie Variant

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STW #5 Variant by Zombie Ernie featuring Lilly and Wepwawet.

Heroes Kierra and Nora meet a girl named Alice who is being hunted by a relentless would be super hero named Mercy. To protect Alice and defeat Mercy, Nora has to come face to face with the demons of her past and confront them head on.

Written and Illustrated by Tonicmole

Cover by Zombie Ernie

Back Cover by Ryan Foust

 32 B/W interior pages 

Saddle Stitched

Notes: Alice, Mercy, Agent Nichols, and Agent Kraus 1st Appearance 

First Printing