Saving the World Issue #6 is live on Kickstarter!


Saving The World #6  Featured Holo Covers by Illustrator Monk and Tonicmole. Please pledge today!

On October 3rd, 1996 at precisely 10:30 PM the lives of Kierra and Nora changed forever. Both woke up with strange super powers, and soon discovered they weren't the only ones. Now they are in the middle of a time twisting world of gods and monsters and must juggle Saving the World and Paying the Bills!

STW is a genre bending comic blending the humor, and sensibilities of 90's underground comics, with the high-flying action of traditional super hero comics.

In the past year and a half Tonic Comix has employed several artists, from legends like Jim Lawson, to up and coming artists like Illustrator Monk, Ryan Foust and Zombie Ernie. When I say ‘we’ I mean it. I believe STW can grow beyond a single writer/illustrator project and provide several artists and writers a platform to break into comics with. I am dedicated to finding new and interesting talent and bringing them directly to you in every issue we print. Also, every issue of STW has been, and will always be printed in the United States. We believe not only in providing jobs and opportunities for our neighbors but supporting living wages in America too!

Thank you for making that happen!



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